Flag – Learning to write

This blog was begun three years ago, the initial purpose was to share my life and thoughts with my friends, more people if possible. But the purpose hasn’t been achieved until now.Since during the past two years, I had a hard time in my life and lots of pesimissive emotion accumulated in the blog. I will not delete them, just because it is also a part of my life. These stories are written in Chinese, if you are interested, maybe you can get something from my failure.

When time goes to 2020, as I getting older, many things have changed even unconcioussly. I realized I had to control my life, change present situation, and explore more possibilities .At present, I’m working as software engineer of bottom layer design interesting in cognitive science at the same time.One hope is to find an opportunity to go abroad study further.

So I am learning English and preparing language examination. I plan to use this blog to read and write more stories to improve language skill. The contents will include 2 themes: share stories of my daily life and tell legends from all around world.

I really love to read the fantastic stories, related to heros, beasts, ghosts or deities. If you have same interest, could you offer three names related to your country legends or folk tales that most impressived? Such as hero, beast, ghost, or author , or location. Thanks. 你可以告诉我三个,在你的国家里,印象最深的神话或传奇故事的名字么? 作家、故事名字、英雄人物或者怪兽都可以。

I’m very appreciated if you can visit this blog sometimes or give me feedback to help progress, or maybe you can get some experience for my failure.

Thanks a lot for reading that.


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