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Besides the Blog, I have set up a Podcast program to teach you how to speak Chinese. So if you want to learn Mandarin from beginning, you can listen to my audio:

“Learning Chinese in a Minute” – https://jinziyu206.podbean.com

I have thought many times to find a theme for my blog and arrange it concisely, but not succeed. I cannot find a clear target for my writing. This blog, mostly like a diary, to keep a record on how I live my life. So, the chaos of my blog, to some extent, indicates the real state of my life. And it just corresponds the title, “东鳞西爪” that means discover inspirations from everything surroundings, beyond the barrier between eastern and western, art and science.

For reading convenience, I set up some columns, you can find these on the left side draw-down menu,“分类”, a classification list.


Morning News – Summarize news from BBC or Economists

Night Club – Cartoon or Joke or Funny story. Just for fun !

Midnight Story – Retell Legend, Mythology from all around the world

Self-Improvement – Myself stories, Self-help, and Soft skills

英文世界 – All English articles

分享有意思的播客 – Share interesting Podcast Programs that I am listening

周游万圣 – Find new books in a Chinese literature and history bookstore every week

技术 – Technology, such as AI, cognitive science…

Others – Reading club activities, or diary

Most English journals start this year. I made a new year’s resolution which is keeping to update every day. Your visit is a strong motivation for my persistence.

I appreciate your visit and expect feedback. Hope you can enjoy reading or get some experience from my failure.

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